Film funding and carnival sideshows to attract motion picture investors are an intriguing part of the home entertainment company for me as an indie filmmaker and producer. I am keenly mindful that an independent job without star power needs a hook to attract motion picture investors that want to finance a movie. In my experience it has seemed like … Read More

Did you understand that you can reduce your heating expense significantly just by putting plastic film over your windows. This one easy act can save you energy and cash on your electric bill. In the past, many people considered putting plastic over windows to be a bit tacky however that is no longer the case. In reality, using plastic as an afforda… Read More

Clearly the very best method to earn money from film is have your story purchased by a Hollywood producer, or simply any manufacturer. But till that takes place, what can you do? Well, rather a lot as it turns out.From the top of the window, put the semi-adhesive side of your movie onto the window and connect it as you work your way down the window… Read More

There are incredibly gifted possible filmmakers out there that never ever make a motion picture due to the fact that they just can't bring themselves to take the leap of faith. Stating yes to making a movie starts with a mindset that regardless if your movie is amusing or horrible at least you give it a sincere visit if you got the fire in you to m… Read More

The 2011 Chicago International Movie Festival was a terrific success. It congregated lots of the leading movie manufacturers worldwide and numerous avid movie goers. 2 movies that existed at this year's celebration were "Holidays by the Sea" and "Chico & Rita." These films got mixed reviews, especially from me.Throughout the 1980s, movies were move… Read More